Japanese Fashion

One of the things I want so much to capture on our return trip to Japan is the fashion. I tried to explain in animated had gestures what I saw on my last trip, and the best I could do was say that all Japanese girls pick a category of fashion and go to bed with it. Marry it. Have babies with it.

Here’s the deal. As expressive and passionate about fashion as the Japanese ladies are, they’re also strongly tied to a very conformist culture. Yes, yes, I’ve seen the Shibuya girls and the crazy Goth/Lolita/Bandage Fetish getups. But even as outlandish as those outfits are, they fit into a very specific category.

I noticed specific categories of fashion in Fukuoka that no one deviated from.

#1 – Girlish Nautical Wear.

AHOY mateys. There were sailor girls everywhere.  What’s interesting is that this is a pic from the 2011 Japanese fashion runways:


How quickly do these girls pick up these threads? It takes a full year before girls in Des Moines decide to buy those jeggings from Target. Here is one example of nautical where I took:


#2 – Super Sexy Professional Girl

This was a uniform for pretty girls over 5’2″.  Pleated skirt. Sweater and blazer. Long, beachy-curled hair. Knee high socks and sky high platform heels. She got legs…she knows how to use them…


#3 – Oversized Baby. With a baby.

This woman with the lacey frills was a mommy.  Oh no she did NOT wear dark tights with white shoes.


This girl was in the same hotel lobby. I thought it was the same person. “WHERE’S YOUR BABY!? Oh. You’re 15.”


#4 – Dynasty Throwback 30+ Power Suit.

Miyako has been around. She’s chosen a career over marriage and babies, so she has the money, the wardrobe, and the tobacco addiction to show for it. Her pearls are real, her shoes are Prada, and her boyfriend is married.


#5 – Sloptastic. AKA Hobo Chic.

Now this reminds me of malls in the US. Kids in layers of mismatched sweats, sneakers, and socks. It was refreshing.


I wish I would have taken more pictures, so I will definitely be giving my iPhone a workout.


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